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Indigenous Range - By Ember

Eight (8) authetic paintings by Aboriginal Artist Robyn Hardy have inspired the creation of  these eight (8) magical candles. 
Beautifully presented in two (2) gift packs "Seasons"and "Wild Bush Flowers" each containing four (4) candles c/w mirror plate and booklet with Robyn's Story on each art work. 
These Essential Oil Candles are a truley wonderful gift  priced at $39.95


Candle Sand® - by Ember

A new revolutionary concept that gives you the freedom to let your creativity and imagination go wild so you can create your own candle decor.




Driftwood Candle® - by Ember

Where raw materials come together
to create something special.


Welcome to Ember – all natural candles

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Mosaic Crackle 100% Soy Wax Candle c/w Plate – 500mL

When your senses experience the wonderful "Ah" feeling with the gentle aroma of 'Moonlake Musk" in our All Natural  Soy Wax Candle - you know you are "home".


 Wedding Candles  Roses – by Ember

 Simple - Beautiful Elegant

 100% Natural Wax


Ember - All Natural Essential Oil Range

Indulge with the pure fragrance of our All Natural Aromatherapy  Essential Oil Range of Soy Wax Candles


Ember - all natural candles

Décor Lantern Range

Transform your outdoor living areas with our exclusive Natural Cane Lanterns

Ember - all natural soy wax tea lights - 8 Hour burn

With over 40 different enticing fragrances Ember - all natural soy wax tea lights allow you to surround yourself with the comforting fragrance to suit your mood in your favourite corner

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